Science Department

The goals of the Jefferson High School Science Department are to ensure our students improve their understanding of science, explore their own notions about common, everyday phenomena and provide a better understanding of the applications of everyday life activities.

Science courses are structured to allow students of varying abilities to have successful learning experiences.  Some courses are quantitative and designed for the student of high ability in mathematics as well as in science.  Other courses require less mathematics and emphasize qualitative observations.  All courses give the student an appreciation for the way scientists work and arrive at generalizations about natural phenomena and give the student the background information necessary for the understanding of scientific concepts.  All Jefferson High School science courses are laboratory oriented.  Laboratory investigations are organized to give students experiences in collecting data, analyzing and interpreting data and in using mathematics as a tool of science.

Required Courses:

  • 9th Grade: Principles of Physics or Honors Principles of Physics

  • 10th Grade: Chemistry

  • 11th Grade: Biology or Honors Biology


  • Forensic Science

  • Anatomy/Physiology

  • AP Physics

  • AP Chemistry